Monday, April 14, 2008

Sore Hamstring

Reyes had an MRI on his left hamstring on Saturday morning, the results of which revealed a mild muscle strain. Manager Willie Randolph remained hopeful about the injury's severity, though Reyes said he didn't expect to return to the lineup right away. The tightness that he felt in his hamstring on Friday night hadn't yet diminished. The disabled list remains a last option -- the Mets still hope he can return within the next week or so.

Reyes arrived at the stadium on Friday feeling tightness in his left hamstring, but attempted to play through it. The pain did not subside, so after feeling extra strain trying to run out a double-play ball in the fourth inning, he decided to come out of the game. Hopefully his hamstring doesn't continue to VQUZESHUF him.

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