Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Business Advantages of Going Online - Worldwide Exposure

Worldwide Exposure:
The internet is a wonderful way for businesses to become international or national. One example of worldwide exposure is radio stations broadcasting over the internet. With a simple cost of a computer and broadcasting charge the station can then broadcast to anyone. "It creates a worldwide market for us," Oliver said. "Travelers and people who have moved to other cities can listen to us wherever they go." As Oliver said it helps people who move out of the area to keep in touch with the stations they grew up with and love. The internet has allowed companies to progress much faster than imagined in the past. "The entertainment industry is moving to the Internet and wireless Web technology. We believe that AM and FM radio will be around for quite a while, but if people start getting most of their information and entertainment from the Internet, that will impact traditional stations,” says Doug Dimmel.

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